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Haliela Railway Station.

Haliela is one before to last railway station from Colombo. Haliela Railway station is at between Badulla railway station and Udoowara railway stations. Haliela railway station is at the side of Haliela town. There are about 400m to railway station from Haliela town. Haliela is very beautiful railway station. Haliela railway bridge is at between Haliela and Udoowara. It's deep and narrowed. There are some railway tunnels also near Haliela railway station.
Haliela is closure to Badulla town and station is narrowed. Haliela place surrounded a lot of mountains and main junction is at Haliela. Way to Badulla, Bandarawela, Welimada and Kandegedara is at Haliela town. Haliela is very famous for tea plantation. Lot of tea states at closed to Haliela railway station. Bogoda ancient wood bridge also at closed to Haliela town.

Places to visit closed to Haliela.
  • Bogoda Wood Bridge
  • Demodara Bridge
  • Demodara Railway Station
  • Dunhinda Waterfalls

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